5 Tips For Unshackling Your Inner Entrepreneur

Ron Sofranko is a businessman’s businessman. From selling stereos out of his dorm room, to consulting, opening and advising 97 restaurants throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, he’s done it all. We met Ron through his consulting, brokerage and finance company, Sofranko Advisory Group. We knew immediately that we wanted to introduce him to you.

“I love being an entrepreneur,” Ron told us from his corner office in Wexford. “It’s exciting building businesses and watching something grow.” We told Ron how much our readers love food and he immediately opened up to us with advice for any would-be restaurateurs in our audience. So here we have it. The mastermind behind Sofranko Advisory Group gives us his five tips for burgeoning entrepreneurs in the hospitality field. As Sofranko told us himself, “If you’re handcuffed to a corporate job that you hate, you need to look at the best approach for breaking those handcuffs.”

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