Lease Renewal Do’s & Dont’s

Feb 20 2018
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Mar 23 2017

At Sofranko Advisory Group we often see businesses when they are failing. There are a number of operators that are …

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Adding Value to Your Restaurant with Social Media Marketing

Dec 19 2016

For some small restaurant owners, social media marketing feels like a somewhat murky pond. Nearly everyone has at least dipped …

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Signs You’re Ready to Expand

Nov 29 2016

By Jackie Weber This was originally posted on NextRestaurants. There’s a difference between having a restaurant and building a restaurant …

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Food & Beverage Trends To Expect In 2017

Nov 18 2016

Food Trends To Expect In 2017 Filipino food  The cuisine of the Philippines is on many trend lists for 2017. …

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Preparing your business to sale in the New Year

Nov 10 2016

Are you planning on listing your business for sale in the New Year? You may be ready to proceed immediately, …

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Winning Bids from Oct. 31st Liquor License Auction

Nov 04 2016

The PLCB on Thursday released the winning bids for the licenses that were auctioned on October 31. 37 of 40 …

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Act 39

Oct 28 2016

By now you are aware that Pennsylvania has enacted new amendments to the Liquor Code when Act 39 of 2016 …

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House Bill 1196

Oct 28 2016

___________________________________________________________ Status: (Engrossed) 2016-10-27 – Signed in House [HB1196 Detail] SUMMARY OF HOUSE BILL 1196 [As passed by the Senate …

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Restaurant concept development

Oct 19 2015

A restaurant concept must be clearly defined to be successful You are ready to take the next step to owning …

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Balancing menu creativity with pleasing customers and profit

Oct 19 2015

How real is the movie ‘Chef’? Thankfully, I finally got around to watching the movie ‘Chef‘ starring Jon Favreau.  The movie …

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Sofranko Advisory Group Launches Dick’s Meat Rub

Aug 11 2015

SOFRANKO ADVISORY GROUP is proud to announce the LAUNCHING of its new product, DICK’S MEAT RUB, from Pappy Dick’s Original …

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How much does a liquor license cost in Pa?

How much does a liquor license cost in Pa?

Feb 01 2015

How much does a liquor license cost in Pa? We have the answers. We often get the question – “how …

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New way of compensating restaurant employees

Bar Marco pioneers: how should you pay restaurant employees?

Jan 12 2015

What is the best way to pay restaurant employees? Recently Bar Marco, a Pittsburgh based restaurant, announced that it will …

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PALCB announces beer delivery allowed with food

Beer delivery with food

Jan 04 2015

PA now allows beer delivery with food December has typically been known as the month for giving and this past December, …

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What are your restaurant goals for the new year?

Have you set new goals for your restaurant in 2015?

Jan 02 2015

What are the goals for your restaurant in the new year? Happy New Year!   What a wonderful and exciting …

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House of 1000 Beers has a great selection of craft beer

One of Pa’s premier craft beer destinations: House of 1000 Beers!

Dec 02 2014

A passion for craft beer Sofranko Advisory Group would like to extend its heartfelt congratulations to Art Barbus, the proud …

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Tips to selling your restaurant quickly

How to Sell a Restaurant Fast

Nov 13 2014

Follow these tips to sell your restaurant quickly Price is not the only factor in securing a speedy sale for your …

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3 great Halloween cocktail recipes

3 fantastic cocktails for your Halloween party!

Oct 31 2014

3 great cocktail recipes to wow your Halloween party guests Here are 3 great Halloween cocktails that will definitely impress …

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Learn how to sell your restaurant

How to sell your restaurant

Oct 28 2014

Learn how to sell your restaurant So you are at the point with your restaurant business where you are ready to …

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Tips to valuing a restaurant for sale

How to value a restaurant business for sale

Oct 13 2014

Methods to valuing a restaurant business You’ve been spending countless hours searching the internet for a restaurant business to buy. …

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New IRS rules around servers tips

Restaurant news: IRS tips reporting rule

Oct 11 2014

How to comply with the IRS tips reporting rule Under the Revenue Ruling 2012-18, the agency now classifies automatic gratuities …

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Choosing your restaurant location

How to find a restaurant location

Oct 08 2014

Choosing your restaurant location Location, location, location, it can make or break a restaurant. Finding the perfect location is a …

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Mount Pleasant restaurant for sale

U.S. fine dining restaurants adjust to increase visits

Oct 07 2014

U.S. fine dining trends U.S. fine dining traffic declined by double-digits during the recession but visits have rebounded after the …

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A new trend for cocktails on tap

Cocktails on tap

Oct 06 2014

The next evolution of libations: cocktails on tap As a restaurant owner, when asked, “what’s on tap?” you would normally describe …

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How much restaurant financing do you need

Restaurant financing: how much do you need?

Sep 24 2014

Restaurant financing Start up costs can vary greatly depending upon your concept, size, location, etc.  Most new restauranteurs do not …

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How to get a liquor license

How to get a liquor license for your restaurant

Sep 17 2014

Follow these steps to get a liquor license Obtaining a liquor license for your business can be a confusing process. There are …

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Passion versus profit in restaurant business

Restaurant business: passion before profit?

Sep 12 2014

Follow your passion..but is it enough? “You should follow your passion.”  This is something that is regurgitated over and over …

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Follow these bar management tips

Bar management tips

Sep 11 2014

Bar management tips to protect your business The restaurant bar could be a profitable contributor to the bottom line of your business …

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Tips to controlling restaurant food cost

Controlling restaurant food cost

Sep 10 2014

How to control restaurant food cost Restaurant food cost is the largest expense on your profit and loss statement and can …

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Here are a few restaurant marketing tips

Restaurant Marketing Tips

Sep 09 2014

Here are a few restaurant marketing tips Do you have a restaurant marketing plan?  If so, do you evaluate it …

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Social media strategies for restaurants

Social media strategies for restaurants

Sep 05 2014

Social media strategies to promote your restaurant Adding social media to your marketing plan can hugely create awareness about your …

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Opening a restaurant

Opening a restaurant

Sep 04 2014

Steps to opening a restaurant Many people want to open their own restaurant but this business is not for everyone. …

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Pa Liquor Control Board boasts record revenue

Pa Liquor Control Board posts record revenue

Sep 03 2014

Record revenue for Pa Liquor Control Board The Pa Liquor Control Board (PLCB) today announced revenue at Fine Wine & …

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Benefits to hiring a menu consultant

Hiring a menu consultant

Sep 03 2014

Benefits to hiring a menu consultant A menu consultant can help you navigate challenges of crafting the perfect menu for your restaurant concept. …

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Point of sale systems

Aug 28 2014

How to navigate all the point of sale systems The choice in point of sale systems (POS) can seem nearly …

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