mcdonald-microbreweryOperating your very own craft-beer empire sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Spending your days surrounded by the aroma of piney hops. Sampling eclectic new recipes during your lunch break. Earning piles of money for making something you love. Free beer!

The craft brewing scene is currently taking Pittsburgh by storm.  Not a month goes by where you don’t hear about some unusual off-the-wall creation or brewery opening up in the region. It can’t be denied that microbreweries, brewpubs, and taprooms have overtaken our Steel City and its surrounding suburbs. Some call it a brewery boom and others call it… delicious. Either way, craft beer connoisseurs and casual day drinkers alike are into it.

Sofranko Group has a once in a lifetime opportunity and the perfect spot for your own piece of this velvety brewery pie. This 9,000 sq ft. two-story space is perfect for the visionary and beer connoisseur. Located 18 miles from the city and just minutes from the always busy Robinson Township this microbrewery paradise features a main street vibe and a large parking lot (perfect for the city’s best food trucks).  The cost of entry on this divine opportunity is so perfect that the owner’s desire to assist in the revitalization of the city is compelling him to offer ½ price rent for the first two years.


Laura Yutzy
412 692 1031

Jocelyn Bishop
724 759 5256