Top 9 Restaurant & Bar Listings of ‘2019

The market is extremely busy with overall web traffic nearly doubling over the prior year.  That makes our top restaurants for sale even more impressive.  These rose to the top of listings making them the most popular of all those for sale.
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Laura Yutzy
Senior Vice President of Business Development
C: 412 692 1031

Pittsburgh Restaurant  
Asking Price: $850,000

Pittsburgh City Restaurant 
Asking Price: $450,000

College Campus Restaurant & Nightclub
Asking Price: $300,000

New Stanton Restaurant  
Asking Price: $450,000

Squirrel Hill Pizza Shop
Asking Price: $125,000

Shadyside Restaurant  
Asking Price: $75,000

Allegheny Valley 6 Pack & Dog Shop
Asking Price: $125,000

Southside Take-Out Restaurant  
Asking Price: $255,000

Quick Casual Restaurant
Asking Price: $255,000

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