Business Planning and Consulting, Hospitality Brokers, and PA Liquor License Company

Sofranko Advisory Group is a full-service Hospitality and Liquor License Firm in Pennsylvania. We provide services to help owners and operators of restaurants, bars, event centers, and beer distributors, as well as entrepreneurs looking to get into the industry. Sooner or later, everyone can use a good advisor. It’s our middle name.

Our Services

Minding Your Business

We care about our clients and their goals; it’s our first priority. Our services are the catalyst for your success. As we advise you about buying a business, creating and establishing your business, selling it, establishing a new concept, business planning and consulting, or expanding your business, we pay attention to every detail and concern you encounter.

Simply put, if your business is slow or static, we can improve it. If you have problems, we have solutions. If you have questions, we find answers. If we don’t have the answers, we know someone who does.

The Power of Our Network for Your Business

Our exclusive Sofranko Group Network of more than 1,600 professionals brings expertise to the table in real estate, franchising, financing, legal matters, and many other essential disciplines. With more than 30 years in the hospitality industry, we are completely committed to helping you reach your goals.