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There is hardly a business website on the entire Internet that doesn’t have a tab that’s labeled “About Us”. We at the Sofranko Advisory Group happen to be equipped with plenty of brainpower and a lot to brag about, but we’re really not about us. We’re all about you. Our mothers advised us to, “Always mind your own business.” Sorry. We’re all about minding yours.

We care. We are the catalyst for your success. We are about advising you about buying a business, creating and establishing your business, selling it, establishing a new concept, business planning and consulting, or expanding your business. We’re about everything and every concern you could possibly encounter. We want to put “The Power of the Network” in your corner. Our exclusive Sofranko Group Network of more than 1600 professionals brings expertise to the table in real estate, franchising, financing, legal matters, and many other essential disciplines. With more than 60-years in the hospitality industry, we are completely committed to helping you reach your goals.

A professional writer and consultant recently told us that an appropriate slogan for our firm should be “Who We Are, and What We Can Do for You”. We couldn’t agree more. Simply put, if your business is slow or static, we can improve it. If you have problems, we have solutions. If you have questions, we have answers. Sooner or later, everyone can use a good advisor. It’s our middle name.

And, if you’re among the few who possess a burning desire to become an entrepreneur, you’ve come to the right place, too. We won’t step on your dream. We have the knowledge and experience to evaluate whether you have enough passion, patience and perseverance. Only then, can we help guide you down the correct path toward the success and satisfaction that you knew all along was possible.

Thanks for being here. Please explore our website, and discover what we can do for you. You now know where to find us.