There are two sides to the franchising business.  Obviously, there is the franchisor, the company that has the original idea, the skill sets, and the product or program who wants to expand that business by selling all of the knowledge and experience as a franchisor to the franchisee.  It could be an individual or company who owns one or more  hamburger businesses, pizza shop, dry cleaner, car wash, grocery store, a tax and accounting service, or just about anything imaginable.  The Sofranko Advisory Group has the resources and experience to guide you through that process, should you be the franchisor, or the franchisee.  Think of this way: The Sofranko Advisory Group takes the mystery out of the franchise business.

We can lead you through the maze of franchise disclosure documents, branding, legal aspects, financial packaging of the franchise, and all the way to the setup of the franchise itself.  On the side of the franchisor, there are multitudes of steps, not the least of which is establishing a prototype. A prototype is a true model of what you’re going to sell to the franchisee, and possibly an actual “practice field” in which you can demonstrate the detailed operation of your business.  We can and will guide you through every single step regardless of which side of the franchise equation you are on.

The franchisee is often already a business person who might be looking for an opportunity to buy a franchise, but wisely questions, “What do I do?  Where do I start?”   Some thousands of franchises available cost more than a million dollars.  Many are much less.  Regardless of the franchise or the cost, after we determine what franchise you have in mind, we can pre-qualify you, based partly on your ability to invest.  We then analyze how you and the franchise might or might not be a good fit.  Some potential franchisees want a single location.  Others may want to seal up an entire region to eliminate direct potential competition of that same business down the road.

On both sides of franchising, The Sofranko Advisory Group is well experienced in all of the big and small details of the franchising business and professionally poised in evaluating you as an individual or company that is aspiring to get into the franchise business.  That includes conducting the research, risk analysis, training, marketing, and every otherwise mysterious feature of franchising.   Franchisee?  Franchisor?  Either way, the Sofranko Advisory Group has both the hands-on experienced history of the business, and the expertise of today’s market place.

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