Providing Expertise on Both Sides Of Franchising

Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand your business into a franchise, or a someone who is looking to open/ operate a franchise location, we have the expertise to take some of the mystery out of franchising.

Guiding Franchisors From Paperwork to Prototype

No matter what step of the franchising process you are on, Sofranko Advisory Group can lead you through the maze of legal, financial, operational, and marketing factors.

We can assist potential franchisors with some of the specific aspects of setting up a franchise business and connect you with other professionals to guide you further.

Aspects of Franchise Development We Can Consult On:

  • Risk Analysis and Feasibility
  • Franchise Disclosure Documents
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Contracts, Agreements, and Other Legal Aspects
  • Financial Packaging
  • Setup of the Franchise Prototype

Assisting Business People Hoping To Become Franchisees

Looking to open a franchise location but not sure where to start or how to succeed? Sofranko Advisory Group is here to help! We can discuss what you’re looking for in a franchise, what resources you have, and then analyze what options might be the right fit for you.

We help potential Franchisee’s with the whole process, including:

  • Research and Risk Analysis
  • Financial Assessment of Opportunities
  • Training and Marketing

On both sides of franchising, Sofranko Advisory Group is well experienced in all of the big and small details of the franchising business and professionally poised in evaluating you as an individual or company that is aspiring to get into the franchise business.