Financing Based On Our Network and Experience

Our extensive financial network of banks, private investors, and leasing companies enables us to raise capital to facilitate transactions for your bar, restaurant, or beer distributor. We can also help you save money by refinancing existing debt.

Capital to Make Your Bar, Restaurant, or Beer Distributor Dreams Happen

Sofranko Advisory Group has close relationships with dozens of banks, and equity firms and at all at different levels. We can pinpoint the best opportunities for financing the amount of capital you need for your bar, restaurant, or beer distributor and connect you with our professional network. You’ll be able to secure financing like a person who’s been building a network for 30 years because we have been!

Expediting the Financing Process

When you work with SAG, we can help you get answers to your restaurant, bar, or beer distributor financing questions much more quickly than you would on your own.

The Normal Process:

  • You walk into a large bank with your proposal and sit for a couple of hours.
  • Wait weeks for an answer.
  • Finally, get a call asking for more information.
  • Wait a couple more weeks.
  • Get your answer, which may be “No.”
  • Start all over again.

Our Process:

  • We package your information to appeal to what banks care about most.
  • We send your information to several banks in our network that are a good fit for your needs.
  • We get an answer from our network in a few days.
  • Your information gets special consideration because you come from us (their trusted partner).

SAG has been involved in securing over $350,000,000 of debt financing for our clients.

Connecting You With the Right Bank

Just like each financing situation is unique, each bank has preferences and unique needs. Also, the lending process at banks constantly varies depending on what other lending they’ve been doing and the year’s trends.

For example, if a bank is overloaded with restaurant loans, you could bring them the makings of the greatest restaurant potential ever, and they will have nothing to do with it.

We pay attention to these trends and use our professional knowledge and experience to connect you with the bank that’s most likely to lend to you. This gives you a special advantage over others who are trying to secure financing on their own.