Our extensive financial network of banks, private investors, and leasing companies enables us to raise capital to facilitate transactions. We may also help you save money by refinancing an existing debt.

The true bottom line of any business deal is, unfortunately, a person must have the capital resources.  You can have all the wishes, dreams and ideas you can imagine, and you still have to have the money, or be able to get the money, to make it happen.  When it comes to financing, the Sofranko Advisory Group has close relationships with dozens of banks, and equity firms and at all at different levels. Our connections to which we can pinpoint the best opportunities for financing the amount of capital are based on what an individual or company has to invest, based specifically on their goals and needs.  This is a great example of how we and our client can make ideal use of our Power of the Network.

Financing, by its very nature, always creates questions.  One of the best assets we have at the Sofranko Advisory Group is the ability to quickly get those answers.  We provide information to our financial resources and get the green light, or an orange or a red light, usually within a few days instead of weeks or even months.  By contrast, it’s entirely possible to walk into a large bank with your proposal, only to sit and wait for the answer for weeks, then get a call asking for more information, which in turn can easily turn into at least a couple of more weeks, at the end of which the answer is “no”.  You wasted a lot of time and time is money.  We can filter this information out to ten to twenty banks and get an answer within a few days or less.  These banks are part of our trusted group, and they know what we’re going to be bringing them.  We know how to package the deal, what they need to see, and we can depend on them getting back to us promptly.  A banker could have as many as fifty or more deals on his desk at a time.  We at the Sofranko Advisory Group  have been involved with closing over $100 million of loans over the years.

In addition, we know that the lending process at banks constantly varies at different times from bank to bank.  That means that certain ones are more likely to loan at different times and for different types of investments, and additionally, at any given time some are favoring one sector over another.  For example, if a bank is overloaded with restaurant loans, you could bring them the makings of the greatest restaurant potential ever, and they will have nothing to do with it.  The same could be said for lending for office buildings, commercial land, or what have you.  Keeping track of these changing practices of bank lending takes time, professional knowledge and experience.  This advantage that the Sofranko Advisory Group brings to the table is a huge advantage for everyone.  Being able to work that much more efficiently is an important benefit not only for our client, but for us, as well.

In the end, we realize again every day that every financing, large or small is unique.  Fortunately, we are uniquely qualified for every financial challenge that comes our way.