Beer delivery with food

PA now allows beer delivery with food

December has typically been known as the month for giving and this past December, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has been especially generous with local businesses announcing an advisory opinion clarifying that restaurants, grocery stores, pizza shops and other food delivery businesses can also deliver up to two six-packs of beer.  For many local businesses this could be great opportunity to increase revenue.  But before you start loading up the delivery van with IPAs and stouts, be sure you are fully aware of all the rules and possible liabilities.

How does it work?

Here’s how it works:  A business that sells malt-brewed beverages can apply for a “transporter-hire-license” (cost is somewhere around $800 depending on establishment).  The transporter-for-hire license combined with a standard Restaurant (R) license or Eating Place (E) license allows a business to deliver up to 192 ounces – or just over two-six packs of beer.  Also, the beer must be paid for over the phone by debit or credit card.

Safety and liability considerations.

Even though this is a great business opportunity, some business owners are hestitant to move forward due to safety and liability issues.  The risk of selling alchohol to minors is the main concern for the most part.  How are business owners going to verify the age of people ordering beer on the phone or even upon delivery?  Most bars and taverns have trained staff and even mobile scanner devices to check licenses to avoid selling to minors.

Should you do it?

Each business owner should evaluate the risk and reward with beer delivery.  If you decide to move forward then you may want to invest in mobile scanning device and train your staff on appropropriately evaluating age of the consumers.  Additionally, safety precautions should be increased with delivery staff.  If you have any questions regarding this recent announcement please contact Caputo, Caputo, & Regan P.C., the region’s most experienced alcohol and beverage attorneys at 412-690-0300 or visit their website at

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