Cocktails on tap

The next evolution of libations: cocktails on tap

As a restaurant owner, when asked, “what’s on tap?” you would normally describe your beer selection but the phrase has a new meaning.  It turns out that tap cocktails are on the rise. If you are like me and not necessarily sold because you believe a good cocktail should be handcrafted perhaps its time to we give these beverages a chance.

Why tap cocktails

Bottom line, tap cocktails are faster, cheaper, and in some cases may even taste better. Let’s start with the latter.  Tap cocktails may taste better than handcrafted cocktails.  In the case of cocktails such as Negronis and Manhattans, the cocktail gets better with age.  As the ingredients sit together over time they form a whole new flavor.   Additionally, Cocktails on tap are cheaper because they take less time to make costing the bar/restaurant less money.

As the demand for creative craft cocktails shows no sign of slowing, bartenders have struggled with how to serve drinks quickly while preserving the taste. From small bars to hotel chains, they are making large batches of cocktails and connecting them to tap systems like those used for beer. And cocktails on tap, also called kegged or draft cocktails, make it easier to serve mixed drinks at large events.

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