PA Liquor License Company: a division of Sofranko Advisory Group

PA Liquor License Company

Sofranko Advisory Group is pleased to announce a new subsidiary, PA Liquor License Company, specializing in the sale, purchase, and facilitation of liquor licenses across the state with a focus in Western Pennsylvania.

Selling a Liquor License in Pennsylvania

PA Liquor License Company can help you to sell your liquor license asset quickly and at the best price possible.  Our network of experts take the difficult tasks off your hands of qualifying buyers, negotiating, and processing the license transfer.

Buying a Liquor License in Pennsylvania

Obtaining a liquor license in Pennsylvania can be a frustrating and overwhelming process. We have the staff and experience required to make the transaction effortless.  We can help you avoid the potential pitfalls of a complicated liquor license transfer process.

CareyCarey Miklos, Vice President, of Business Development with Sofranko Advisory Group, LLC, will be taking the lead on all PA Liquor License Company operations.

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