You Make Good Money, But You Hate Your Job. How About Owning A 32 Tap Restaurant & Bar? Now That’s Fun!

This Restaurant & Bar is Priced Below The Value of The Liquor License!
*Owner Financing Available
 Sure, you make good money, but you’re never home, you hate your boss, whatever industry you’re in is either uninspiring or downright evil, and you want to take your ill-gotten gains and leverage them in to something that gives you the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
Do you open a Subway franchise? No way. Where’s the fun in that? You want to do something fun. You want to open a restaurant & bar that has 32 that’s fun! You buy beer in a keg at a nickel a pint, and sell each one for seven dollars. A bottle of vodka might cost fifteen bucks, and you sell each shot for nine. Who couldn’t make those numbers work?
If you are looking for a restaurant that gives you the opportunity to use the existing successful concept & menu, this is perfect for you. Or maybe you want to create your own unique concept, well good news.. this is a perfect space for you because this beautiful, updated space costs a fraction of what it would cost to build out a new location.
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Briana Scazafabo
Vice President of Business Development
C: 267-587-6349
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