Bar management tips

Bar management tips to protect your business

The restaurant bar could be a profitable contributor to the bottom line of your business or a significant problem if not managed appropriately.  Holding employees accountable for maintaining a high quality of service is important to ensure profitable sales and happy customers.  As an owner, it is important to hire your bar staff with care and create an atmosphere of collaboration among front of the house employees.  Follow these tips to running a successful bar business.

Train staff

I know this sounds obviously but many restaurant and bar owners throw new staff on the line without adequate training.  Even if the new staff member has years of experience you must train them in the ways of your business and how you would like things done at your bar. If your customers are used to a certain type of service, your staff should be able to deliver.

Implement procedures to avoid theft

Nobody wants to believe that an employee is stealing from them but in the bar business, unfortunately, it is a common occurrence if the right procedures are not in place.  Installing a surveillance camera can help to avoid theft.  Also, be sure to store liquor in a secure room and take daily inventory.  Conduct regular checks to insure that liquor levels match sales.

Know your bar

As an owner the best way to manage your bar is to really know your bar.  You can do this by taking up a shift or two to become familiar with the detailed operations, regulars, and get feed back from your customers.  If bartending isn’t your thing, then perhaps take a seat at the bar to have a close eye on the staff and observe.  Be careful though, you don’t want create an environment of mistrust with your bar staff.  You can use the bar as a place to do paperwork or conduct a business meeting.

Keep your bar organized and clean

Again, sounds pretty obvious but clutter can lead to inefficient operations and dissatisfied customers.  Make sure there is ample space for your patrons to relax and feel comfortable.  Keep supplies well stocked so your bartender isn’t constantly running into storage and away from the bar.  Watch your bartenders to make sure every glass is spotless and countertops are always wiped down.

Know when to cut someone off

This is very tough to do but knowing when to cut someone off is critical.  A customer who drinks too much and gets out of hand can be detrimental to your business.  The safety of your patrons is your primary concern but this should be handled with care.  Try to engage friends or family to assist you and be sure to offer plenty of water to your guests.

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