The bottle shop boom

Bottle shops are gaining popularity throughout the country

The craft beer market is growing and as consumers are becoming more educated about the malt beverage they are seeking out establishments that are offering a wide variety of artisanal beers.  Due to this demand, bottle shops are gaining popularity across the nation.  Seattle has become so saturated with bottle shops that it would be hard to find a neighborhood that doesn’t have one.

The state of Pennsylvania is no different.  The Craft Beer Outlet in Philadelphia, stocks about 1,000 different beers ($1.69 to $29.99 a bottle), including imports, crafts and even premium-priced domestics.  99 Bottles located in Carnegie boasts have the best selection of Craft Beers for six packs and growlers in the Pittsburgh area.  Atlas Bottle Works located in Lawrenceville opened up directly beside the Rowhouse Cinema movie theater.  Atlas is a craft beer store where customers can choose from one of Pittsburgh’s finest selection of craft, local and import beer as well as having 5 taps on hand for growlers to go.

Retail Licenses required for bottle shops

Restaurants (R) and Eating Places (E) are licenses to sell malt and brewed beverages for consumption on the premises and also to the off premises consumer in quantities not to exceed 192 fluid ounces in a single sale to one person.  For an R license, the size of the restaurant must be no less than 400 square feet, equipped with at least 30 seats.  The size of the business must be no less than 300 square feet, equipped with at least 30 seats for an E license.

If you would like more information about the bottle shop business please contact us at or 724-935-2151.

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