Chef driven restaurant

Chef driven restaurant business model

A chef driven restaurant is one that employs a chef to design all the items on the menu based on his or her personal style.  Although not always, chefs at these types of restaurant are typically owners or partners.  If the menu is a success, the chef becomes as well known and popular as the restaurant itself.

Food culture right now uses this term loosely and as more of a marketing tool than anything else so be wary.  Every restaurant with a head chef feels that their menu is chef driven. One signature dish? Chef driven. Seasonally changing items? Chef driven. However, the true chef driven restaurants with strong operations are setting up a model for business success.

Utilizing a restaurant consultant can help you define the best business model for success based on your concept. At Sofranko Advisory Group, we review all aspects of your business thoroughly including operations, concept development, real estate, financing, human resources, and marketing.  For more information contact us at or 724-935-2151.



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