Types of restaurants

Know your different types of restaurants

Most consumers separate restaurants in two buckets – sit down and take out.  For those of us emerged in the restaurant business, we know that the spectrum of types of restaurants varies beyond this.  When planning your restaurant business it is important to understand into which category your restaurant concept falls to ensure you include the key components for success.

Fast casual restaurants

Fast casual restaurants have gained in popularity in recent years.  It has a perception of being slightly more upscale than fast food although still served in disposable containers.  These types of establishments typically have open kitchens where you can see your food being prepared as well as higher quality products such as artisanal breads and organics.  Panera Bread is an example of a fast casual restaurant.

Casual restaurants

Casual restaurants serve reasonably priced food in a casual atmosphere.  Casual restaurants can have a separate bar attached like a TGI Fridays or Applebees and can be part of a chain or a small “mom-and-pop” establishment.  Except for buffet-style restaurants, casual dining restaurants typically provide table service.

Fine dining restaurants

The term “fine dining” brings to mind white table cloths and to champagne glasses.   A fine dining restaurant is defined by its menu, service, and atmosphere.  The menu at these types of establishments should be unique with the highest quality ingredients.  Often fine dining restaurants will serve a prixe fixe or limited menu that changes frequently.  Customer service is much more attentive than at casual restaurants.  The wait staff should be extremely knowledgeable on the dishes.  Although the atmosphere in fine dining restaurants today do not necessarily have to be as stuffy as in the days of old; attention to detail is important to create an environment and experience that is enjoyable and warrants a significantly higher check.

Finding a space that works for your restaurant concept, buying an existing restaurant business, or expanding to a new location is a challenge.  Let the experts at Sofranko Advisory Group help you find exactly what you need.  Contact us at info@sofrankoadvisors.com or 724-935-7151.


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