Resell Your Franchise Location

Sofranko Advisory Group is Your Source for Franchise Resale

We make selling your franchise location easy by listing and marketing your location discreetly, finding qualified buyers, and working with the franchise to get a buyer on board. Our experience working with franchises and understanding what makes a successful franchise location helps the process franchise resale painless.

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The SAG Franchise Resale Progress

  • We work with you to determine a fair price for your location based on the market and financials.
  • We discreetly list your location and market it to interested buyers.
  • We prequalify interested potential buyers and only bring you fair offers.
  • You get the final say on what offers are accepted.
  • We facilitate the buying process the whole way through closing.

Now’s the Time To Sell A Franchise Location

If you’re ready for your next step, selling your franchise location might be right for you. We’re seeing interested buyers all across PA. Those looking to get into the restaurant/ hospitality industry, but overwhelmed at the idea of starting from, find buying a franchise location to be a perfect first step.

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