Liquor License Consulting

About Us:

Sofranko Advisory Group (SAG) is a Pennsylvania based, full service liquor licensing consulting firm. Our consultancy practice provides licensees and business owners within Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with expert advice and guidance on liquor licensing issues. We assist businesses applying for a liquor license or making changes to existing liquor licenses throughout PA.  We also advise on buying and selling of liquor licenses, particularly retail liquor store licenses in PA. We conduct on-site evaluations and provide advice on retail liquor operations. SAG provides expertise on PA Liquor Control Board regulations, policies, and provides guidance for licensees to optimize their revenue opportunities.

Most importantly, SAG streamlines and expedites the liquor licensing process to save you time, money and stress! 

Our Expertise:

Are you looking at buying a liquor licensed establishment in PA? Or, perhaps you want to relocate a liquor license or want to sell a PA liquor license?

Liquor licenses are a valuable business asset and buying a liquor license can become complicated. Sofranko offers experienced consultants who can help you on a confidential basis with selling a liquor license or, buying a liquor license. Whether it’s a retail liquor store license, a distributor license, a PA liquor license alone or tied to an established business, we can connect you with a liquor license for sale in the PA liquor marketplace. Our consulting services include the processes to ensure your liquor license sale and transfer is seamless for your business operations.

SAG curates a current and confidential database of business owners selling a liquor license. This is undertaken for Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Our Services:

At Sofranko Advisory Group we offer a turnkey approach when procuring licensing for your restaurant, hotel or operation.  Whether you need work on one asset or a multi-concept portfolio transaction, we can handle all of your licensing needs.

We can help you with everything from citations, audits, changing your existing license, new & renewal licensing and much more.

Some of the services we provide:

  • New liquor licenses
  • New business licenses and operational permits
  • Renewals of liquor licenses
  • Qualifications and compliance of legal entities
  • Audit – compliance
  • Changes to existing licenses (officers, onsite personnel, trade name, physical premises due to construction or renovation)
  • Violations and citations
  • Legal and regulatory compliance (work with Risk Managers)

At Sofranko Advisory Group we understand

  • complex deal structures and work routinely with large portfolio acquisitions and dispositions
  • the importance of limited upstream disclosures
  • the urgency of deals
  • the difference between licensing a ground-up construction project versus an existing building
  • the intricacies of licensing assets in receivership, foreclosure and bankruptcy
  • flag changes and what is involved
  • the necessity of keeping up with ever-changing laws

Please contact us for a more personalized consultation.