How to get a liquor license for your restaurant

Follow these steps to get a liquor license

Obtaining a liquor license for your business can be a confusing process. There are many laws, requirements and processes to go through which is frustrating.  Here are a few steps to make obtaining a license easier for you.

Find a good liquor license attorney

The first thing to be aware of is that each state has its own rules and requirements regarding the supply of liquor licenses, so you should contact a local authority to find out about alcohol laws and the sale of licenses in your specific state.  An attorney that specializes in alcohol beverage law will ensure that your application is complete, that you meet the necessary qualifications and that all the documentation is provided as required.  Other services may include:

bullet Acquisition of A Liquor License

bullet Renewal of a Liquor License

bullet Transfer of License

bullet Defense of Citations against your License

bullet Defense of Non Renewal/Nuisance Bar Actions against your License

Find out which type of liquor license you need

There are many different types of liquor licenses with strict rules and parameters around each one.  It is critical for your business to purchase the correct type of license for your business.  A restaurant (R) license permits you to sell different kinds of alcohol than an eating place (E) license or a distributor (D) license.  For information on other types of liquor licenses refer to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board website.

Contact a liquor license broker

Using a liquor license brokerage service such as PA Liquor License Company can help you to find a license quickly.  Obtaining a liquor license in Pennsylvania can be a frustrating and overwhelming process, but a broker can make it simple and easy.

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