Last-Minute Gifts that Support Local Restaurants

For some people, gift cards have become synonymous with a lazy gift, but buying gift cards is a great way to support local Pittsburgh restaurants. Plus you know a gift card won’t be affected by any shortages, supply chain issues, or delays. 

So if you want to give a thoughtful and creative gift while still supporting small businesses, we’ve put together some ideas for gifts that support local restaurants.

Pittsburgh Food/ Drink Experience

Buy tickets for a Pittsburgh food or brewery tour for your favorite foodie. Not only is this a fun activity but you get to support a lot of local businesses at once. City Brew Tours offers two different brewery tours in Pittsburgh.

Burgh Bits & Bites offers food tours of many neighborhoods in and around Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Food Subscriptions

There are a variety of food businesses in Pittsburgh that offer subscriptions. This is a gift that keeps on giving… like a stereotypical jam of the month club gift but more local and more delicious.

Businesses like PGH Fresh, Girl Friday Cooking Co., Fresh Prep PGH are all Pittsburgh area meal delivery services. Gift cards to one of these would be a perfect gift for someone who needs easy meals or are looking to add healthier eating options into their week.

Salty Pork Bits and Forma Pasta both provide subscription boxes for cured meats and homemade pasta respectively. This is another great option for your favorite foodie.

Themed Pittsburgh Restaurant Gift Card Baskets

Build a gift basket built around restaurant gift cards. Here are some clever ideas to take your gifting up a notch. If you’re looking for something that’s already put together Basket of Pittsburgh offers great options with local goodies!

3 Course Meal Gift Card Basket

Get three different gift cards from a Pittsburgh Restaurant including:

  • A bar to get appetizers/ drinks
  • A restaurant for a main course
  • A delicious dessert spot

Breakfast Gift Card Basket

  • A coffee blend from a local cafe
  • A gift card for a great breakfast spot
  • A locally made mug

Warm and Cozy Gift Card Basket

  • Tea or hot chocolate bomb from a local cafe/shop
  • Cookies or biscotti from a local bakery
  • A pair of slippers or a soft blanket
  • A comforting book or movie

Dinner Challenge Gift Card Basket

  • 1 gift card from a super affordable pizza shop or diner
  • 1 gift card from a fancy restaurant
  • Instructions to try to make an order as close to the gift card amount at each place and take a picture of the receipts to prove they completed the challenge.

Day Trip Gift Card Basket

Get gift certificates for a fun day trip for your recipient. You can choose a variety of food gift cards for food and even some activity gift cards. You can choose somewhere close by or a little more of a trip. You could even pick touristy spots in the recipient’s own city for a “Tourist in Your Town” theme.

Drinks Gift Card Basket

The Pittsburgh area has a wide variety of breweries, wineries, and distilleries you can support to put together a gift for recipients who love a good drink! 

  • Choose some specific bottles or a growler of locally beer or wine
  • A gift card for a winery, brewery, spirits with some nice glassware
  • Recipe cards, ingredients, and spirits for some special cocktails
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