4 Ways You Can Maximize Beer Distributor Profits

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Beer Distributors are a profitable investment and have proven pandemic proof with owners seeing 40-50% increases in quarterly sales. Recent trends suggest that by modifying the traditional distributor model, new and existing owners can benefit from huge boosts in beer distributor profits.

Sell Singles, 6 Packs & Growlers To Increase Your Beer Distributor Profits.

Beer growler

Not everyone wants a whole case of beer, but they also don’t want to overpay at the grocery store and gas station. When Pennsylvania permitted grocery stores to enter the beer game, there was a concern that distributors would suffer, but the shift in consumer patterns never came. The additional offering of singles, six-packs, and growlers  will give your buyers options and increases beer distributor profits.

Why growlers are popular according to The Beer Connoisseur:

  • Access limited-distribution seasonal beers
  • Refillable and environmentally friendly
  • Fresh-from-the-tap taste

If you have the space to accommodate growlers and a tap system, you can boost profits and foot-traffic by filling and refilling growlers.

Make Your Beer Distributor a Craft Beer Mecca.

man looking at craft beer selection

Craft beer is a hobby to some but a lifestyle to others. Supporting this can be very lucrative for beer distributor owners. If you’re selling singles, it allows enthusiasts to try multiple kinds of new craft beer. If they find one they love, they’ll return for a great price on a case increasing your beer distributor profits. Stocking unique and local craft beer makes coming to your distributor exciting for anyone who’s hopping on this trend.

Here are some stats about the Craft Beer industry according to The Brewers Association.

  • Pennsylvania ranks 2nd in the country for barrels of craft beer produced.
  • Craft Beer makes up 13.6 percent market share of beer sales.
  • The US Craft Beer Market is a 29.3-billion-dollar industry.
  • The market has been growing since 2010.

It’s clear that craft beer is a big deal in PA and you’ll have many options to spotlight local brews!

Looking to learn more about craft beer? Hop into a local Facebook Group for enthusiasts (we are in the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Facebook Group and learn something new every day). You’ll be able to keep a pulse on what’s popular and what people are looking for and use it for your market research and understanding.

Increase Beer Distributor Profits by Investing in a Slushie Machine.

Alcoholic slushy.

That’s right…alcoholic slushies are all the rage. Since they are made with malt beverages, you can sell to-go slushies in your distributor and gain additional foot traffic. The profit margin on slushies is very high due to the low cost to produce. The addition of a slushie machine makes your distributor into a destination on a hot summer day. Customers who don’t regularly stop at the distributor will come for a refreshing slushie and see what else you have to offer, increasing the appeal of any other special features you’ve added.

Add a Walk-in Cigar Humidor.

box of cigars

If you really want to expand your customer base and increase your beer distributor profits, bring in cigars. Cigar enthusiasts are growing; in 2018, 12.2 million people considered themselves active cigar smokers. A walk-in humidor or cigar bar in your distributor will attract cigar aficionados. It makes your beer distributor into a destination; A cigar buyer will be spending a lot of time in your establishment looking at your selection. This can be a big investment if you’re looking to install a temperature-controlled, walk-in humidor, but if you’re looking to appeal to a clientele who will be willing to spend some money, it might be the right move for you.

We know these investments can be worthwhile because we’ve seen them work in a variety of markets in our 30+ years of industry experience. If you have additional questions or are interested in the specifics of implementing these strategies, please contact us to talk to one of our experts.

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