How much does a liquor license cost in Pa?

How much does a liquor license cost in Pa? We have the answers.

We often get the question – “how much does a liquor license cost in PA?” The cost of a liquor license in the state of Pennsylvania varies by county.  Prices are driven mainly by supply and demand.  There are a limited number of licenses in supply so counties experiencing development and growth may see rapid increases in liquor license costs.  Liquor licenses, which are considered property, sell for “fair market value,” or the price that a buyer and seller negotiate. The PALCB doesn’t set or track prices.  Along with purchase price of the liquor license you should expect a filing fee of ($700-$1000), annual renewal fees, and possible legal fees associated with any transfer work.

To find out how much a liquor license will cost be sure to know which type of license you need for your business.  For example – do you plan on selling liquor? If so, you’ll need a Restaurant or “R” liquor license. Looking to just sell six packs? Perhaps an Eating Place or “E” liquor license will meet your needs.  If unsure of what type of liquor license is best for your business, please give us a call at 724-935-2151 or email us at





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