New Year – A New Chapter, New Verse, Or Just The Same Old Story. Ultimately We Write It. The Choice Is Ours.  

New Year – A New Chapter, New Verse, Or Just The Same Old Story.  
Ultimately We Write It. The Choice Is Ours.  
Happy 2019. Life is too damn short to live in a mediocre way. Wake up with a purpose and make the best of each day and your short time on this earth. Stop saying, “I’ll do this when I have more money” or “I’ll start when I’m more settled.”
Stop making excuses!!
What if I told you that all you need is what you have right now. That’s all you need to just make a start.
There has never been a better time to
follow your dream and turn it into a reality.
If your dream is to own a restaurant, let SAG guide you to success.
These listings are truly turn-key…in great locations…with a low cost of entry.
You can be open for business by March 1st.  
Laura Yutzy
Senior Vice President of Business Development
(412) 692-1031
This listing is great opportunity for a new owner to step right in and start making a profit. Can re-brand or keep existing concept.
Located among a number of universities and hospitals, Squirrel Hill is one of Pittsburgh’s most affluent and well-educated neighborhoods.
Shadyside offers something for everyone. Including every type of cuisine offering as seen in the plethora of restaurants and trendy eateries.
Breweries, taprooms, and bars have always been about more than beer, serving as community hubs, gathering places, and sources of local identity and pride.
Having a dream is the key.
All you have to do is unlock the door.

Give us a call today and let’s discuss how we can help your 2019 dreams come true!


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