Owner Financing: How To Buy A Business Without A Lender 


If you want to buy a business, but don’t have the seller’s asking price laying around your house in cash, you may want to consider owner financing as an alternative.
Also known as seller financing, owner financing is the process by which a property or business buyer finances their purchase directly through the person or entity selling it, rather than through a traditional bank loan or other lender.
Though unconventional, owner financing can benefit both the buyer and seller, depending on the circumstances and details of the deal.
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Laura Yutzy
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E: laura@sofrankoadvisors.com

College Campus Restaurant & Nightclub
Asking Price: $300,000

Allegheny Valley 6 Pack & Dog Shop
Asking Price: $125,000

Squirrel Hill Pizza Shop
Asking Price: $125,000

Beer Distributor
Asking Price: $250,000
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