Use a restaurant consultant to put the pieces of your business plan together

Are you opening a new business and contemplating hiring a restaurant consultant?

Restaurant consultants such as Sofranko Advisory Group draw from their experience, expertise, and contacts to help new entrepreneurs and existing businesses grow.  They may provide advice related to concept, design, finance, and location as well as many other important issues related to the success of your business.  Across the country, thousands of restaurants go out of business, often before their first anniversary.  Hiring a restaurant consultant can help you mitigate this risk.  With over 30 years of restaurant experience in all capacities from fast food to fine dining, Sofranko Advisory Group is the leading restaurant consultant firm in Western Pennsylvania.

Restaurant consultant services for new businesses

For new restauranteurs, we can help you avoid that costly learning curve that most people go through when venturing on their own.  We have clients that come to us with a clear vision of what type of restaurant they want to open and we help them refine their concept, analyze the various markets for location, connect them with all the necessary resources, help to obtain financing, and provide guidance along the way.   Other clients that we serve do not have a vision already in mind, but just know they want to be restaurant owners.   We assist in developing a concept based on their specific business goals.

Restaurant consultant services for existing businesses

Not only do we provide restaurant consultant services for new businesses but we work with existing businesses as well.  If you already have a successful restaurant and are ready to take it to the next level, Sofranko Advisory Group can assist. Whether it is a second location, food truck, licensing or franchise, we can provide guidance on the the most profitable next move for your business.  If your business is suffering and you can’t figure out what the issue is, our team can provide analytics to help flush out the root causes of poor performance and put an action plan together to get your business back on track.

Whatever your restaurant consulting needs may be, the experts at Sofranko Advisory Group have the knowledge and experience to take your business to the next level.



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