Avoid these restaurant management mistakes

Restaurant management tips

With all of the responsibilities of a restaurant manager it is easy to become overwhelmed and overlook a few key areas that, if neglected too long, can lead to huge headaches. Whether you are a restaurant owner or a newly hired restaurant manager, it is import to follow these tips to avoid costly management mistakes.

Don’t take on everything yourself

As a new operator or manager you may feel compelled to do everything yourself.  This is a recipe for disaster and is physically impossible.  At some point you will burn out and your restaurant will suffer.  Identify key team members with proven performance records to take the lead on certain tasks.  This will free you up to focus on other responsibilities as well as give your staff recognition for a job well done.

Don’t assume all your employees are the same

Your employees are the backbone of your restaurant and are critical to it’s success.  Take some time to get to know your employees, find out their strengths and place them in the positions in which they will succeed.  If there are weaknesses identified perhaps have them work closely with a star performer so they can learn and develop.  Getting to know your team helps to build trust and is a stepping stone for success.

Don’t ignore problems or problem employees

Restaurant management is a tough job.  There are daily problems that need to be addressed such as customer complaints, late deliveries, violation of policies, the list goes on.  Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.  The key is to address the problem at it’s inception before it snowballs.  Problem or negative employees can act like a infection and spread through the entire team if action isn’t taken quickly.  If you are dealing with problem employees be sure to document the specific issues or actions for your records.

Don’t exclude your staff from your restaurant goals

Discussing your vision and goals for your restaurant with your staff makes them feel included and part of the team.  If your staff feel they have an important role in the success of the business they most likely will work harder for you.  Everyone, from servers to bartenders to line cooks, should be included in the discussion.

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