Restaurant floor plan

Tips to arranging your restaurant floor plan

The restaurant floor plan is a critical component to your business.  How welcoming is your design?  Does it fit your concept?  Is it big enough? Have you allocated enough space for equipment, stations, etc.  Whether you are opening a new restaurant or redesigning an existing space, here are some tips to ensure you have the right floor plan.

One size does not fit all

Each restaurant concept should have it’s own unique concept. Just because it worked for the successful BBQ joint down the road doesn’t mean that it will work for your Italian ristorante.  Analyze your service methods, clientele, and the type of atmosphere you wish to provide to help drive decisions regarding your floor plan.  Remember that you want to maximize space without impeding on the customer experience.

Understand your constraints and maintain flexibility

Be especially thoughtful when implementing any permanent fixtures to your floor plan.  Moveable tables can help you accommodate parties of different sizes from day to day.  Even though they are permanent, booths can help to maximize space.  Another option is to utilize freestanding dividers between tables.  Studies show that patrons prefer to have their tables positioned by a wall as to not feel on display in the center of a dining room.  Finally, be sure that your guests have enough elbowroom. There is nothing worse than trying to eat your dinner and bumping into a stranger near by.

Position dining room within close proximity of service window

Avoid having your service staff walk too far to deliver the food to the customer. A rule of thumb is to have no table more than 60 feet from the food pickup area. In general, having your servers travel farther than this is an invitation to slow service, cold food and poor online reviews.

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