Considering a food truck?

Things to consider when opening up a food truck

The food truck industry is one of the best performing segments over the last five years in the food services industry since the food truck craze began in San Francisco in 2008 as the recession took it’s toll on restaurants and chefs.   Creative culinary masters took to the streets to sell their cuisines at a lower price due to lower costs associated with the truck versus a permanent location.  Here are a few tips to opening up your own food truck business.

The food truck design

You can obtain a food truck for as little as $25,000 or as much as $125,000.  Every new business has a budget to deal with but don’t cut corners on your build. Efficiency of your truck is important to your business.  You can certainly buy a second hand box truck from UPS or Fedex but pay careful attention to the build out. It’s even more important than designing your kitchen in a restaurant or home due to limited space.

Catering and festivals

Catering jobs and festivals are great way to generate revenue for your food truck business. Securing weddings and corporate events are an easy way to ensure a revenue stream. Festivals are one of the most successful ways a food truck can generate business.   With limited food options it provides a greater opportunity for traffic.

Use social media

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great ways for you to connect with your customers to let them know where you will be located.  It’s also a good way to market daily menu changes.  Use social media to distribute coupons or discounts that can attract new customers to your food truck.

Know the laws

This may be one of the most important food truck tips – know your laws.    Cities regulate truck size, vending locations and hours, sanitation, and more. The laws change frequently as cities figure out how to adapt to this new business model.

Want to open your own food truck but don’t know where to begin?  The experts at Sofranko Advisory Group can help!  Contact us at or 412-935-2151.

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